fourfiveX Editions

scarf by Alexander Lis scarf by tim Heiler scarf by Marie Schoppmann scarf by Simon Keckeisen scarf by Kai Bergmann scarf by Katja Baumann scarf by Samuel Bänziger scarf by Lorenz Klingebiel

Limited edition: 8 scarves, 5 pieces each.

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With their second edition, the collective fourfiveX are on to explore design and art publishing in a different way. The works of 8 creatives have been custom-knit in two colours each, in a limited edition of 5 scarves per design in the best stadium-proven quality and original fabric. Each scarf measures approximately 20 x 150cm.

The fan-scarf is not only an item for use (warm) and fashion (colours and texture) but it also serves the purpose of conveying a strong sense of identity towards a certain group of peers. After all, when classically hung to a wall or raised above ones head with both arms, the scarf becomes a medium of typographic messaging, symbols and colour, demonstrating and advertising the owners belonging.

In fourfiveX Editions 002, this loud and emotionally charged medium is confronted with contemporary graphics.

Get yours now before it's to warm to wear it.

order exclusively at
order exclusively at
download hi-res images as 4.7MB zip